ACCF online


Our Guarantee to You

We promise to make it right

We know that if your order arrives with a poor quality print or a faulty or incorrect product, you won't be happy and you won't come back. That's why we stand behind our products and services and our commitment to your t-shirt wearing happiness.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 14 days of delivery. If we've printed your order incorrectly, shipped the wrong product, or sent something faulty we promise to give you a 100% refund or replacement product. If you do need to make a return, see our Returns Procedure to find out how.

All of our printed products are made-to-order by us, especially for you. To ensure your order turns out right, we always:

  • take care to use the best quality garments available in each price category
  • use industry best practice procedures when screen printing, sublimating or digitally printing your design
  • only use commercial grade transfers if heat pressing your design
  • use energy efficient, automated machinery
  • use highly trained, experienced staff, and
  • use the modern, technically advanced printing inks that are safe for you to wear, safe for us to use, and safe for the environment to break down when you've finally worn out your favourite printed tee

Most importantly, we take real pride in getting it right for you.

What we do to make it right

Designing and ordering printed clothing online can be a bit nerve-racking, especially for the first-timer! We get that and want you to know that we care about your design as much as you do… We really do.

To ensure you get the best possible results we've put systems in place to review every order, checking for:

  • Alignment: We check for those little alignment issues that can detract from the look of your printed tee. If your design looks just a little off-centre we'll fix it for you. If it's way off centre we'll think that's how you want it, but may still check with you to make sure.
  • Colours: There are a heap of colours to choose from in the online Designer and playing with different tones and shades can really enhance your design. But if we see something odd, like text that's a bit too light or dark on the shirt colour you've chosen, we'll check with you to make sure it is what you want.
  • Image size: If your design looks silly small or stupid big for your chosen garment, we'll to check that's really the effect you're after before printing.
  • Lines: Sometimes when you resize artwork the outlines can become disproportionally thick or thin. We'll review and adjust for the best printability of your overall design, checking with you first if necessary.
  • Text and spelling: We'll check for basic spelling mistakes, although errors in uncommon words, names or slang may be difficult for us to catch. If your text is hard to read or just doesn't look right, we'll give you a call.

If we do have to make corrections to your design, we'll send you an artwork proof for your approval before printing.

Factors out of our control

Good design is very subjective so we may not always realise when something isn't printing quite the way you intended. We do take care with your design but, in the end, there are some details you are responsible for checking. We are accountable for:

  • poor quality, low resolution images uploaded in your design for printing,
  • voids, colour fade or other printing limitations highlighted for your consideration when designing and ordering all-over printed garments,
  • spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors contained in your artwork,
  • unintended print outcomes resulting from choices made by you in the design process, and
  • errors made in your selection of product options like colour, size, style or quantity

Please check all your product choices and designs carefully before placing your order. Call us if you need some help.

If you have questions about any aspect of design, print, or garment selection please contact us we're here to help.

We promise to tread lightly

We believe in providing value for money, good garments and quality prints, and have sought out suppliers who share our philosophy of value and fairness. We take care to choose manufacturers who can demonstrate compliance with international conventions forbidding the use of child labour and providing safe workplaces and fair pay for employees. We also look for commitments to best-practice environmental conventions, emissions reduction targets, waste management, use of chemicals, and sustainable production of raw materials.

While we choose suppliers carefully, in the end the only direct control we have is over our own workplace and practices. We are committed to:

  • hiring staff based on merit alone,
  • complying with workplace health and safety, wage and employment regulations,
  • providing good work/life balance options for everyone in the company
  • using inks that are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and organic tin compounds that are safe to use,
  • recycling waste clothing (from over-runs or with print/colour/manufacturing defects) through clothing charities
  • disposing of all chemical waste according to environmental guidelines, and
  • annually choosing a community group or charity to support through donation or sponsorship

We hope you enjoy wearing your printed clothing even more, knowing we've brought it to you without exploiting our fellow humans, testing it on animals, or abusing our natural environment.